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December 19, 2011



Good post. I don't know if it's from growing older and wise or my "buy nothing new" list, but my list of wants is very small this year too. Warm house slippers and a comfortable computer chair would be nice, that's all I "need". This year more than ever, Christmas has been more about giving for me, too.

Farm Girl Pink

I never realize it till the last few years, but nearly all the females in my family are thrifters.

We all have odd things that we collect. That have to be found at the thrift stores, flea markets or estate sales.

And there is some kind of euphoria to find the perfect Christmas gift at a thrift store. And nearly all the shopping can be done for less than 100.00 for a whole pack of females.

Even our men are collectors. But oddly enough their items are more costly than ours... and they are thrift store buys/estate buys too.

Joy P

Thanks for hosting. You always finds the BEST thrifted finds.


In the past few years material things just haven't meant as much to me. I think as we mature most of us find out whats really important.
I already know what I got for Christmas from my husband. I was telling him of a big Etsy success I had and he told me he couldn't wait to tell me what he got me...A t-shirt and business cards for my online stores and blog. I was elated!

Hey Selena, were all of the wonderful finds you mentioned in this post from the Eichler home?
Also, I rephotographed my entire Etsy store, stop by and check out the new look!


Is anyone else having problems seeing the inlinkz thumbnails?


@sixballoons I cant see them either. i wonder if it is a moderation thing?

Selena Cate

Funny enough I didnt do very well at the Eichler home sale. Terrible in fact. Everything was overpriced, over researched and both of those took most of the fun out of the sale. I did find enough inventory at some local thrift stores to make the trip a success though. Saturdays sale was north of Santa Rosa in Healdsburg. The thing about thrifting though is that you never really know about a sale until you are there.

Jackie K

My wishlists turned business-practical last year and echo what you've put on yours.

I chose a comfy computer chair for my birthday. Last Xmas I received the photo tent with lights and worked away this year learning lighting techniques. 10,000 pictures later my little camera makes grinding noises zooming in and out - so this Xmas I'll have a lovely new Nikon under the tree. (courtesy the online Target Black Friday sales)

Now thinking ahead - I could use a postal scale that weighs higher than 3 lbs, or a thermal printer for labels, or a tape dispenser that doesn't tip when using, or ...


I think my list is practical-practical this year (i.e. socks). I didn't even consider thrift withdrawal as an issue. Good thing I've been binging the last few weeks ;)

I do think that my favorite part of Christmas is in the giving. I often wonder if people enjoy it as much as I do. I have had some of this stuff for months, just waiting to be gifted. I can't wait :)

Farm Girl Pink

@sixballoons I cant see them either.

I can't see any of them either...

Carrie Bryant

Can't see any on the new thumbnail pis!

Carrie Bryant

I mean PICtures! Ooops........


I am wondering if it's because there's 372 days remaining to add a link...?

I'd love to know about everyone's finds this week so hopefully it sorts itself out!

Selena Cate

I'm so sorry that the linkshare isn't working. I've written to them and hopefully I'll have an answer soon!

Paulette Sanderson

Thank you for hosting Thrift Share Monday. I enjoy your thrift finds and appreciate all the information that you share.♥

Rob Hunt

Thanks for hosting. I am a new follower too.
- Rob


That sale sounds like it was pure joy for a thrifter!

I know what you mean about changing perspective at Christmas. I think I have changed mine as I've gotten older. Thrifting has also given me a fresh look at the things I desire. I'm with you - thrifting is one of my favorite things to do!

I am curious, what is a box resizer tool?


I love the photo of that cute sparkling house! I really hope you will get what you wished this Christmas :-) Happy Holidays! x


i wish we had estate sales up here in CAnada they way you do there. one of these days i'm going to pack my sister in a car, come visit you, and hit thrift shops and estate sales - that would be an awesome christmas present!!

Granny Sue

I haven't linked yet, but your questions spoke to what I've been thinking and doing this year. This is a homemade Christmas for me--I told my sons they would get only homemade items from me and I wanted the same from them. They don't need to make the things, but they need to have been made by someone other than a corporation. I had a lot of fun packing their boxes! My friends and my sisters all got vintage or thrifted finds. They all love the same things I do! Recycling is the name of the game, isn't it?

Hip Mountain Mama

Love this! Thrifting is the best..something I haven't done in a while!


My wish list for Christmas gifts has gotten so boring, but I don't have many wants. Just some needs that I will probably hold off on buying for myself becuase I'm making do with the current ones. This year, if I woke up to find my stocking stuffed with wooden spoons and tights, I'd be in heaven! And maybe a vintage ornament or two, but that almost goes without saying....

Benjamin Skinner

I completely agree with you. For me finding the perfect gift is the most fun. I feel bad asking for stuff from other people. It just seems like if I really want something I should get it for myself and not burden others.


It IS so much better to give, isn't it? One of my favorite gifts this year was my sister's - in lieu of getting me something "big," she bought 2 chickens for a family in a third world country (through World Vision gifts.) She did the same for Idelle; a family got 3 ducks in her name :) We were both thrilled to know that a couple of families that know poverty that we have no comprehension of are being helped - it's so much nicer to know that than to have an item that might give a momentary thrill, but ultimately will just be another thing in the house. Things can never fulfill for any length of time at all.

This year Idelle told me that she was realizing how much more fun it is to give than to receive - she's such a special little lady.

I'm glad that you all had a lovely Christmas!

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