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December 26, 2011



I'm glad you had a happy, thrifted Christmas with family! (Beautiful photo!) I love it when my nieces and nephews get excited about thrifted gifts.

I'm holding out on thrifting until the New Years sales where things will be 50% off or more. I'm sure they will be some in your area, too!

Joy P

I hadn't thought to join today, but when I looked at my pretty Christmas table I realized I could - thrifted and estate sale for most of the table setting, now my treasures.


Selena, that lamb and table setting look beautiful...nice work!

thrift shopper for peace

what a great gift! it really proves that the source of the gift does not matter as much as knowing that the recipient will love it. but from your end, knowing that your gift was thrifted and therefore environmentally friendly, makes all teh difference too. i am not at home this weekend but clear across the other side of canada, in ottawa; am hoping to hit at least one thrift shop while i am here so i will blog about that next week!

Leah - moxiethrift on etsy

what a great find on craigslist! I gave tons of thrifted and/or free things I got from couponing! it felt great to save and give at the same time!

Rob Hunt

Thanks for hosting Thrift Share Monday. Lots to read.


One of my most successful gifts of the day was journals, (NIB)!, from a great yard sale/sample sale! Wonderful Papyrus & other awesome paper labels!! My teen (14&16)nephews LOVED the leather bound, magnetic closure journals and I will never reveal (to them) how affordable they were to give! (new=$23...sample sale=$4)!

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