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December 12, 2011


Paulette @ Cheerful Thrifty Door

Thanks for posting Thrift Share Monday I have missed this sharing party, but I am very happy that your business is booming. The information on the perfume is very interesting and has opened my eyes to a new item. ♥


Love the typography on the French pretty! No wonder it sold quickly!

Joy P

Thank you for hosting - always have something thrifted to share (smile).

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping]

Nice to see you back, I had no idea about the perfume/plane rules, not sure if it's the same here but I've certainly sent perfume airmail to Europe without thinking twice!


Selena, If you EVER find another vintage unopened bottle of L'Heure Bleu, you must email me immediately! I LOVE the scent, but am wearing the reconfigured fragrance. I understand the vintage perfume is like no other in the world, before Guerlain's "reformulation". Lucky seller and lucky buyer!


I love buying perfume at estate sales~lately I've been buying & sending to my sister who loves it! I ebay what she doesn't want or give it to other people I know. Happy to see your ebay business is thriving~Happy Holidays~


I love selling perfumes. LOve them!

I did however get into a huge fight with a buyer overseas who wanted a perfume but my my listing said no international shipping. I opened it to her and it did ship without a hitch but I was worried :)


i love wearing perfume but my office has become a scent free place and so i don't wear it nearly as often as i used to. i've been wearing a perfume called "raffine" since highschool and it's hard to get - so it's just as well that i can't wear it so often! i haven't done alot of posting about thrift items that i've found lately because i'm posting about christmas: the 12 days of thrift-hearted christmas. check it out!

Leah - moxiethrift on etsy

wow! great job on the par FUMES...i'm one that usually passes up the fumes...but those prices have my interest! although i don't think my nose could handle it if they had to sit a bit before selling.


Hi Selena! I have missed you but contented myself knowing that you were doing the right thing for yourself and your family...I still missed you, though!
Perfume, huh? What if the bottles are opened? I found a little sampler of French perfume that smell just wonderful. You are always such a wealth of good information. Happy holidays to you and your family and to all your reading buddies.

Selena Cate

Hi Sue,
The majority of perfume that I sell is not only opened but a portion of it has been used. People dont seem to mind it, especially with vintage perfume.
xoxo Selena

cheap perfume online

I used to use only natural solid oil based perfumes but I really missed that "trail of scent" a good perfume leaves, now, I think I have more than 20 different bottles of perfume at home (I usually keep the ones I don't use on a regular basis in the fridge, why? I don't know!). Anyways, these bottles are gorgeous!!

Perfume Collection

Really. I don't know that. I know that it is flammable because of its alcohol content but not to the point that it can't be transported through airplane. Now I know. Better be safe than sorry.

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