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January 30, 2012



I would keep the Greyhound too. It's a beautiful piece and I'm a sucker for toys! Your post reminds me that I need to get to some estate sales early and participate in the madness. I've only been to ones casually in the evening when things are picked-over!

Good luck balancing work and life!

Lynn at Cottage and Creek

The bus is great. What a nice find. I'm partial to the sewing notions and love the old embroidery floss you got. I can so relate to your Friday rush to get to the sale. How nice you got in with the first wave of customers. That sure helps. Thanks for hosting, Selena, and have a good week.

Wendy @ Salt and Wine

Sounds like you hit a great estate/ garage sale! Long time lurker but this is my first time joining in on Thrift Share Monday, I'm psyched. :)


Nice finds, Selena! Wish I could go thrifting with you some time, but it is a bit of a trek from FL. :)

Nell's Vintage House

That lamp shade is fantastic! I have been looking for one like that for ages. Lucky you :)


Eeek! Sorry Selena, my link #25 is riddled with errors, and doesn't work, so I am wondering if you can delete it. I will add a new one in the meantime. Sorry!

Great greyhound, and so glad you got in as #25 in line!

Rob Hunt

Thanks for hosting. I reused and used thrifted finds in my post. Didn't find any thrifted stuff this weekend (too much winter right now for that).

Joy P

Thanks for hosting. Always love joining in to your link party and check out your blog every day. You are the best thrift shopper. It takes hard work, I know.


i LOVE that greyhound bus! so very cool. I would keep it too!


i can so relate to your dilemna about wanting to get out of the house early - but take it from me, selena, the day when your youngest no longer needs you to get them anywhere will be here before you know it, so enjoy this time where you are so needed while you can!
i love the greyhound - and i love Victoria magazine too; i used to read that all the time! do you sell those? what do they go for?

Selena Cate

Certain magazines do sell well. I sold a year of these recently for $24.99. 4-6 Magazines can fit in a flat rate padded envelope that we have here in the states. Magazines with advertising cant be shipped media mail so it makes magazine selling expensive for shipping cost. My favorite magazine that Ive done well with is a magazine about spinning wool. I sold quite a few of those (packs of 4 - 1 year) for $24.99 each.


I am a first timer too - thanks for having me!
Love that bus, vintage toys are the best
Good, good thrifting right there

Jill Ruskamp

Oooo, I like your bus! I have NEVER been that early to an estate sale. I live too far away and if I get to go, it's on the second or third day. But, then things are cheaper too then too.

Blessy @ Stellar Tatter

Awww, a frog showed up on my linky for Stellar Tatter! LOL! Oh, well.

I like the Greyhound bus! Looks so awesome. I'm yet to find die-cast cars that are valuable.

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