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February 13, 2012



That lamp is AWESOME!!! I hit a bunch of garage sales and a couple of estate sales and two small flea markets and came home with NOTHING! :( But on a brighter note, I sold a bunch of vintage Barbie clothes on eBay and netted about $250 (invested $8). I plan to go thrifting today, so hopefully I'll find some goodies.


Oh my goodness, my goodness me. That lamp is COMPLETELY amazing!
And isn't finding money in your thrifted goods the best thing evs? I found £5 in a £3 coat a few days ago and it made my week!

Noe @ Adella Avenue

Whoa. I cannot get over that mid century teak lamp. What a find!

Lynn at Cottage and Creek

Your lamp is so cool! And so is the one for ebay. Though my house is more "cottage-y", I appreciate all things vintage and think you really scored. And your story about finding the crisp $100 is amazing! I fantasize about finding treasures in old books sometimes! My recent "score" is that I bought a large remnant of 40's cotton 36" wide fabric for $1.00 at an estate sale a couple weeks ago and sold it for $72 on Saturday. There were 6 yards and I listed it for $12/yard and a gal from Australia bought it all. That made me very happy! Congrats on your lamp and I'm glad to hear your mom is stable for now.
Lynn at Cottage and Creek

my thrifty closet

the hanging lamp is so beautiful!



I love that you had lunch with your lamp...and that your husband got it. :) It is gorgeous.


what a beautiful arc lamp! oh, and i get that 'look' all of the time from my hubby when i bring home new finds for the house :)


Love the lamp, Had one like it when we were younger and gave it away when my husband and I moved out of the country. Have seriously missed it. Nice to see one again, this time in your living room. It looks much better with you than it did with me. Congrats!


Do you have a link for your ebay shop anywhere? I have looked over your site, but can't find it. I was thinking of going to that estate sale, but there's no way I can get up early like you can! Thanks!

Selena Cate

My eBay ID is super easy to remember: apronthriftgirl :-) I dont have a regular link to it on the sidebar but I do link to it in individual post from time to time. Thanks for asking.


Wow, what a fabulous find! The lamp is a perfect fit with your decor. Thanks so much for sharing and for hosting:-)


I love both of those lamps! I've been looking for a hanging lamp like that for awhile now. I'll have to check out your listings (though I'm probably too cheap to pull the trigger!) Great luck on finding the $110 bills.


These are great finds! Thanks for sharing!

Joy P

Fantastic arc lamp. Thanks again for hosting. Your posts are inspiring. Love coming back to read each post (and re-read earlier posts as well).

Rob Hunt

Thanks for hosting. Always happy to have a post to share and to check out the other posts.


Your living room is well put together and that arc lamp looks like it was just meant to be. My next thrifting trip I'm gonna search for belts with zipper pockets! Thanks for hosting- Makes Mondays fun.


Your arc light is amazing. And it really was sort of free. BTW, I love that chair in your living room with the wooden arms. We had one similar to it in my house when I was a kid.


That lamp! That lamp!! Just gorgeous! Definitely worthy of surprise found money!


both those lamps are amazing - especially the arc lamp. i totally understand your desire to have lunch with it. man, i'd be waiting for it to get dark all the time. it's beautiful. i am constantly amazed at the amount of estate sales you go to and the amazing stuff you get there. my goal this year is to start reselling. here's hoping i'm as successful as you are!


AHHHHH I'm so jealous of that arc lamp!! I have been wanting an arc lamp ever since I first laid eyes on a pictures of one, but I have neither the space nor the money for one. I would eat many a meal basking in the glow of such a lamp. Well done!


I LOVE the lamps. You posts remind me that I need to SPEND money to MAKE money. I always hold back when buying from a lot of vintage, maybe I need to buy them out-- I'm opening a vintage shop, after all! ;)

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