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February 21, 2012



So glad to hear your Mom is doing better.


Glad that you had a safe and productive trip and that your Mom is better. Thanks for hosting!


I'm glad your Mom is on the mend. :) Sounds like a great trip and I love that mug you sold. What a find.

Wendy@ Salt and Wine

Happy you made it there safe and that you got your internet up and running! Cool mug!!!

Wendy@ Salt and Wine

PS- Very happy to hear your mom is improving!

Thrift Shopper for Peace

so glad to hear your mom is doing better; surely your visit will help her even more! i also thrift wherever i travel. LOVE that mug - i probably would have picked that up and not realized its value. how do manage to do that all the time? you just seem to have a never-ending knowledge of valuable stuff!


Happy to hear your mom is doing better.
Give her lots of hugs from your virtual friends.

I will have to use the thrifting for gas money excuse.

Rob Hunt

Thanks for hosting. I fixed up a rickety shelf and painted it with two different colours of home made chalk paint. Glad you made your trip safely and found lots of thrifted items to resell. My idea of travelling.


Enjoyed your check-ins along the way...If you get to sell that mug for $75; well - WOO-HOO!!!! Now, tell me it was from the President's Day 50% off sale & you got it for.....50cents!? Love & support in healing to you & your Mother.

Joy P

Glad you found lots on your visit to your Mom's. Sure would like to see what else you found besides that amazing mug. Thanks for hosting today. I made a vignette of my thrifted finds. They aren't from the weeked because there are NO sales in my area yet this year. Soon I hope.

Daisy Chain

Glad to hear your Mum is doing better. I'm sure seeing you has helped.


Hey Selena, glad your mom is doing better and that you are finding great stuff along the way. I always say the same, even if it's just to an action, you always have to get something to at least pay for the gas.

I'm curious if you have ever done a post about selling vintage on etsy vs. eBay. I know some things sell better on each site but I'd love to hear what you think, since you have clearly chosen eBay. Maybe if you have a post like that you could provide the link here.

Denise M

Hi Selena; this is my third day of blogging and you are the my first sharing, with Thrift Share Tuesday. Hope your Mom continues to get better. I added your blog to my Favourites list and I will be visiting the other posts that joined in too.


Glad to hear the good news about your mom. I'm in awe of how well that cup sold, too! I'm always inspired to work harder on my reselling when I visit.

Vintage Scapes

So good to hear that your mom is doing better and I'm sure she's really glad to have you around. It's always good to be able to pay off the trip with some thrifting... :)

Blessy @ Stellar Tatter

Wow, great to hear your mom is doing so much better and is improving everyday! Praying for her speedy recovery! And awesome WOOHOO sale with that mug!


How nice that you had a chance to visit your mother! I think that is the scariest mug I have ever seen!!

Noe @ Adella Avenue

I hope your mom continues to do well. I'm sure your visits mean the world to her.


peace and love to your family, healing wishes to your mother

Deana Wood

I would smile every day if I drank from a mug like that lol! Thanks for the linkup.

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