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March 19, 2012



Congrats on getting the ceramics you wanted. They are lovely. And a book too - how great. I love the owl glasses. I would come get them if I were near you! :)

Wendy@ Salt and Wine

I really like the copper necklace and enamel bowl - beautiful pieces! And the pottery is amazing. I know all to well about the garage sale pile, lol.


Thanks for hosting! I love looking at the projects here!!

Deana Wood

You take really nice photos. Thank you for hosting. I set aside a little time each week just to check out everyone's links.

Vintage Scapes

Fabulous finds! There really is something about Heath ceramics, even though it is understated it is rather beautiful. The iittala flora bowl is also a beauty.

NowSoLA Vintage

Great find on all of the Heath pieces! Thanks for hosting the party :-)
Cheers ~ Lara

Denise M

Thanks for hosting. I love visiting your blog and look forward to Thrift Share Monday.

Joy M

Thanks for hosting. Great pieces you found this weekend.


Thanks for hosting. The owl glasses are great.


Thanks so much for hosting the party each week. I, too, love those owl glasses!

A La Modern

Great find on the Heath, and so much of it! It's been harder to find lately for us. Also, nice Iittala bowl, that's the Flora line? Have been keeping an eye out for that one lately after learning about it.

Thrift Shopper for Peace

love that pottery! and the enameling is very cool; i'd love to learn that. i can't believe you thrifted a kiln. you are thrift goddess. i did a little thrift tour in an area of the BC Lower Mainland that i'd not done before and found a fantastic thrift shop. blogged about that this week. found a few gems for myself!


you are def a pro at this! Great finds!


I love the design on that iittala bowl. So pretty!

Cap Creations

Love the iittala bowl! Thanks for hosting.


Do you have a blog post on how you identify unmarked pieces? Unless something has a mark/label I have no clue how to research it. There's an upcoming estate sale in my area with midcentury stuff, and I'd love some guidance!


Sounds like busy and fun reselling times for you. I love your big heath find- and the ides of carrying sold stickers with you for the competitive estate sales!


Wonderful!!!!! You really have a great eye!


This looks like a great sale! I totally scored on almost a full set of heath at the goodwill one day for $12. Still one of my best finds ever.


Nice, thanks :D


Fab owl glasses -- and I love that little iittala bowl! I've never seen one before but now I will be keeping my eye out! Thank you for hosting the party...I'm a bit late chiming in but glad to be here.


Love to see the party is getting back into full swing. That means thrifting season is upon us!


The blue of your enamel bowl is spectacular. I love it!

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