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April 02, 2012



That Irving Amen art is gorgeous! Thrifting is so unpredictable.. sometimes it's an amazing thing, and sometimes it can feel like the thrifting gods are against you, but usually it works out in the end, as your late finds prove!
Also, not sure why my link showed up twice... I swear I only entered it once, so hopefully it will fix itself?

Joy M

Found out that if one clicks on Crop twice linky tools things it is two linkies. Whoops. Sorry (I see that happened with Julia's link too. What a lovely and very meaningful anniversary day. Thanks for sharing. And thank you again for hosting. It is very much appreciated.


I love that on your anniversary, you got a thrifted gift. The surprises are the best :) Kinda like your relationship -- beautiful symmetry there.

Wendy@ Salt and Wine

As usual, you found amazing things! The Irving Amen work is awesome!!!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping]

Great finds, I love craft books and that artwork is great.


that irving amen piece is exquisite! happy anniversary by the way :-) i also love the scandinavian art book - what is it about scandinavian art that is so irrisitable? it seems to me to be the perfect mix of modern elegant and folk artsy. great finds. i hit a couple of shops this weekend and found some books to put in a fun wedding shower gift ('the slacker wife' was one title) also found a chelsey jersey for my soccer loving son - his favourite english team. my blog this week is about the demise of the book and the independent book store. would love your thoughts on that.


You always do such a wonderful job of capturing how most of us in the thrifting community feel. I am very happy if I find something that is worth big money, but I search because I treasure so many items that I find. I would rather use something vintage every day because of the quality and the history that comes with it, rather than a cheap piece from a big box store.
This weekend I found Bitossi Pimini Blu pitcher designed by Aldo Londi and a drawing by deGarthe in either charcoal or Conte crayon. I believe the sketch is not a reproduction, but an original sketch. I also found 2 wooden soda crates, one with wood dividers and 4 deer horns; 2 with hair still attached, ick.
I really need to start uploading pictures, don't I?


What an exciting weekend of thrifting you had!!! Great finds, too!!!


I love the artwork! Great find.

Heidi German

I have that exact same movie titling set! I think it would be fun to use the letters on a corkboard.

Rob Hunt

Thanks for hosting. I check your blog every day. My post today was about helping my Dad update a room in his condo. I use it when I am on the Coast but we are thinking toward the future so my thrifting was good prices on oops paint, doing the work myself and making my Dad happy.

Sir Thrift-A-Lot

Always look forward to Thrift Share Monday. Just got finished most of the posts I don't recognize the pics from.

#46... is just a room renovation.. They did a nice job, but it doesn't contain any thrifted items found over the weekend, it's just a room renovation. Maybe they thrifted that rooster hook years ago... Come here to see thrift finds, if I wanted to see room renovations I'd watch Mike Holmes.

Cap Creations

Thanks much for hosting. Craft books are FUN!! I recently picked up Betz White's Warm Fuzzies. You and your readers are always welcome at my thrifty love link up every friday.


It's my first ever visit here, I promise I'll link back next time :)

Leah - moxiethrift on etsy

love those happy accidents like finding a garage sale when least expected. it's a juicy nugget in life!


Can't believe this find on books!! I would have been ecstatic!! Love the records and letter board, too. Thanks for hosting this party:)


Thank you for posting this. It’s exactly what I was looking for!

gorra yankees

Este blog es increíble y la información proporcionada por el artículo de este blog es muy agradable y servicial y me volvería a visitar el blog de ​​nuevo.

abercrombie españa

Tengo ese conjunto exacto de la misma película de titulación! Creo que sería divertido de usar las cartas de un amor corkboard.I la obra de arte! Un gran descubrimiento.

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