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April 09, 2012


Plucky Maidens

Good morning, Selena,
Love old Sunset magazines, especially from the 1960's. I have just posted the first of several (many?!) posts I'll be writing about my first junking trip to Texas. It was amazing!
xoxo and Happy Spring....finally!

one gal's trash

Sorry....correct link is here:

Joy M

Your discussion on just the magazine part of your post gave me much to consider. I passed up several hundred old magazines, all boxed and bagged because I could not face the huge amount of work involved in dealing with them (let alone the physical labour involved). As a dealer I like the thought of preserving/passing on vintage and older pieces of history to others. Good thought. Can you imagine museum homes - great thought as well.

Thanks as always for hosting Thrift Share Monday.



That is an amazing day with your garage sale!!! We usually don't make more than $100 :-) Also, I love those Sunset magazines.

Vintage Scapes

I love vintage sunset magazines and after a long hiatus from buying them I caved in this week. I haven't been to many hoarder estate sales but for some reason the couple of 'estate sales' I went to in Northern California were all hoarder estates.

The Thrifty Picker-Rachael

When I find vintage I have a feeling of excitement and respect. Also, appreciation, for how well items were made back then.


i didn't do any thrifting this weekend - i was too busy with Good Friday and Easter stuff (coordinating an Easter art show at my church and playing in a Good Friday Blues service at a local coffee shop - with my son, which was really cool) but i have enjoyed stopping by here and reading/seeing your finds - and feel jealous again about the amount of estate sales you go to. whenever i see a panam logo, i think of "catch me if you can"!


I don't feel so guilty about saving all of my Oprah mags now! ;)


Your time capsule house idea is brilliant! I would love to visit something like that!


I LOVE vintage magazines. It's so interesting to read the articles and look at the ads to see what the culture was like during a certain decade. I have a growing collection of Better Homes & Gardens issues from the '60s and '70s and love reading them.


Whenever I see stuff from the 70s while thrifting I think back to being a small child and how everything and everybody looked. I get nice memories and feelings and always say to myself: "I wish younger people knew how cool the 70s really were." Sounds so old, hahaha, but that's ok.



I love the magazines! So jealous of your big successful yard sale, too. I never sell big at yard sales no matter how much I plan ahead or work at it.


I think people like us are different than what I call "dealers" those are what I call all the people who come in and just scoop stuff up b/c they "think" it is valuable, then when they resell it they mark it up so ridiculously high that it never sells. You see it in their shops for years and they never budge. I feel like they aren't trying to preserve anything and often let the items get destroyed or tossed out by relatives who don't want to deal with it later when their booths and stores close. I'm glad when I see someone who intends on using it or selling it at reasonable costs to people who truly appreciate the items. There are a lot of people who just don't have the time to do estate sales so they are glad to pay for the work we do for them.

cap creations

Yeah we should be proud, thanks for the encouragement!

Suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen

Whoa, I can't believe you made so much on your garage sale! We rarely make over a few hundred dollars, so the time and effort involved is hardly worth it. I love and collect vintage Sunset books, so much so that I had to give myself a cut-off and now only collect from the very early 70s and older. They are always filled with amazing vintage home and great ideas for projects you can DIY to look vintage.
PS love the blog, just found it over the weekend!

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Matthew Engquist

Thrift sales, while technically a business conducted only occasionally, are still very exciting events to go to. It's always nice to know that the old stuff doesn’t just get thrown away to occupy landfill space. What's more, there's always that unsuspecting antique/collectible waiting to be sold.


I did not make it to this sale but it began Monday and people were sleeping in cars overnight to be first allowed in.

Rob Hunt

Thanks for hosting. I finally got a post up so I can join in this week. I liked your post about selling books. You shared very helpful information.

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