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May 21, 2012


Jess @UsedYorkCity

Loving the blue Heath dishes your found! What a gorgeous color!

The Thrifty Picker-Rachael

So nice to have you back! Thankfully those two local techs helped you out. It's nice to know that people will still go above and beyond :)


Welcome back and thanks for hosting Thrift Share Monday once again. It's true about the Paint by Number - they can look good from a distance...

Paulette Sanderson

Welcome back and congratulations on your new home. Thanks for hosting this Thrift Share.


Welcome back to the web! I hope you can get some kind of discount for the long delay you had to endure before you got the web back!

And stunning mod finds, as always!

Nell's Vintage House

Welcome Back!! I totally hear you on the loss of thrifting mojo. I get that from time to time if I go out of town or take a week off. It sounds like you found a few great items to get you out of the thrift funk. :)


So glad you're back and that you survived dealing with AT&T! I love the color of those Heath dishes... so gorgeous!

Spymay 2000

I'm so glad you're back.I missed your posts-I knew you were probably settling into your new house, but I didn't even think about your internet being screwed up.Three weeks without being able to hop on the internet would freak me out.


I hope you're all settling in quite well in the new house, can't wait for a photo tour (if you're doing one). How frustrating to be without the internet for so long, and miss out on sales in your shop as well! That soldier statue is frightening! I'm hoping for you it sells quickly. ;-)


Elizabeth Fairchild

Welcome back! Love every one of your finds.


so good to have you back, selena! i miss you - and realized that i missed everyone else too; your thrift share really is a community! i love, love, love the blue heath dishes. (too bad that gentleman had a bad experience there )i'm sure with these great finds you'll get your business back to where it was before computer fiascos took over.

Jem @ Beautiful Clutter

The blue of your dishes is incredible - what a gorgeous hue!! :-)

Welcome back!


Great to have you back! Amazing finds this week...I especially love the art nouveau box and the heath pieces!


Your internet connection problem makes it sound like you really are "out in the country"!! And 'resetting' your Thrifting Mojo certainly turned up some special stuff! Good to see you back!


Welcome back! We missed you. Love the sculpture you found! Enjoy the new house.


'Love Sebastopol! I know y'all will be happy there! I just figured you were busy with your move -- sorry you had connection issues, but I'm glad you're back!


Sooooo happy to have you back! I didn't realize how addicted to your thrift share Mondays I was until it was gone (both browsing and occasionally linking up). I have to move in a couple of weeks so completely feel your pain. Hopefully the thrifting gods send you good vibes in the coming weeks to make up for any lost business.

Denise M

Welcome Back. Hope you got your online stores up and running and sales are great. Thanks for hosting. You are my favourite site to join in with on your Thrift Share Monday's.

Rob Hunt

21 days without internet - not good. Glad you are back, missed reading your posts. I haven't found much/anything actually, on my thrifting hunts so I am posting some earlier finds. Its been a very low key thrifting season in my area. Thanks for hosting. VERY glad you are back online.

Thrift Bee

Ahhhh!! I just joined my very first Thrift Share Monday!!! I have arrived. Fledgling blog started a week ago! Been reading your blog for years. So bad about your internet. I had visions of you fluffing up and nesting in your lovely new and well deserved home. Great your back. Delighted to be able to join in.

Joy {

Welcome back Selena. You were missed. Never guessed it was NO internet, thought you were just major busy moving and settling in. Thanks for hosting, love your thrifted finds, especially the blue pottery. Interesting story about meeting a 'worker' from the factory. Hope you have your stores up and running and looking forward to your next posts.


Yes, you were missed and it's great to see you back. I especially like the PBN. I recently purchased one and it is now my thrift blog's background. (It was larger than the others I have, most of which are florals....)


Bummer about the internet snafu! Glad you made it back online. Love the colors on that soldier!


Thank you so much for your help with my first Thrift Share Monday after I posted the wrong link and most of all a Big Thank You for providing a forum for other bloggers to share their fantastic finds. This is my first time getting the courage to post and share but, have been reading and learning from you and your followers posts for a long time. Congratulations on your new home!


So glad you're back! Great, wonderful finds...the Heath and the!

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