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June 25, 2012



That is great that you now have the perfect chairs (they are awesome by the way)...
I can't believe that that globe is glass.... it really really looks like metal. Neat.


Very cool chairs! And I love the logic/justification of thrifting something to resell and pay for the item you're keeping - in the same day! Must remember.

Janell (Nell's Vintage House)

Total globe envy! Also I'm curious about your plans for the wrought iron piece- will you be keeping and if so, what are your plans for it.

Great finds, as always!


Those chairs are soooo nice! I love the cushions.

Robin ;-)

I collect globes and have not come across yours yet - what a treasure! Loving the chairs and such a good deal, really. And that painting is fabulous - I would have scooped it up for $15 but I know how you feel - some days it just doesn't sound like the right price.

The Thrifty Picker-Rachael

Such wonderful finds from this past weekend! The chairs are my fave :)
Blessings to you and your family. I know this is a difficult time.


you are like the thrifting Einstein - pure genius. love the way the globe balances out the chairs. and that globe! glass? i've never even heard of that, that's amazing. i also had an amazing thrift week while visiting relatives in ottawa - had tons of luck at a series of garage sales and even went to my first estate sale, where i would have bought alot more had i been at home and not had to figure out how to fly 4000kms with paintings and furniture...!

Into Vintage

Those chairs are spectacular -- I can only imagine how they must be a perfect fit into your new home. I have a beautiful dresser still sitting in the back of my car and I decide whether to keep or sell... ;-)

Jackie_ Let's Go Thrifting!

I usually don't gush over modern thrifty finds since I'm such a nut for vintage. But $10 for that Bose system is one heck of a buy!

Awesome finds.

Denise M

Excellent thrifted buys. Great deals, especially with the offset of the great globe against the chairs. Welcome back, love reading your posts, love joining in on your parties. Missed you. Thanks for hosting this week.

Joy  P

Welcome back. Love your Thrift Share Mondays. I added vintage sealers today. Rarely find them so when I see them I pay. Actually the prices were pretty good, averaged 3 dollars a jar. You did very well with your thrifting this past weekend. My home is mostly thrifted too and I like it that way. Thanks for hosting.


When I saw the email photos of those chairs, YOU were the first person I thought of! The only thing that kept me from forwarding you the email with my comments was I didn't want to "insult" your thrifting sensibilities by saying something so obvious - I knew you were on the estate sale agent's email list and anyway...YOU GOT THEM! (And LOVE THEM!) Yay! All the way in Carlsbad, I just knew you would!! *sigh*


Funny how some prices seem "expensive" to us when we are thrifting. I am so glad you realized that you had to purchase those chairs or you would live to regret your decision. I can't wait to see more pictures of your home and how you are decorating it. I really can't imagine furnishing my home with anything BUT thrifty finds. So glad you are back hosting TSM.


Those chairs are fantastic! And they were really a great buy. They look like they are in fantastic condition. Love the color on the cushions.

one gal's trash

Hey Selena,
I just added my post about some of the great junk I brought back from Paris. Thought you might like to see some vintage French finds!
Also, I'm sending good wishes for your mom. I'll be heading down to California to see my parents on Friday...we are dealing with similar issues. The 4th of July will be my dear dad's 87th birthday.


Great finds....You scored with the Bose System...Wow!!!


great chairs- would love to see a photo of them in your dining room! my favorite purchase you made is the globe- what a beauty!! thanks for hosting this party:)


I am new to your party. Happy to be hear to see all the good deals that were had and to share the good deals I found as well. Can't wait to link up again :)


I am over-the-moon with envy about your fabulous finds!! That painting is SPECTACULAR. OMG. How big IS it? It reminds me of my peacock painting I found last year, the one that I have yet to hang because my hubby seems unwilling to help me, and I can't manage it alone.
You find the greatest things!

Jeannie Marie

How many of us overlook those fab bargains when we aren't as knowledgeable? That is such a great reason why we should all be looking at every blog that posts here. Sometimes it's pure luck but often it's simply a matter of being educated in the market!


i just found your blog through "avintagegreen" and added you to my blog roll! very cool stuff and i am SO into thrifting! awesome blog!

Shabby Vintage Junk

Hey Selena....!

I know it must be hard for you to keep up with everything at the moment with your Mum ill....I just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you & APPRECIATE the fact you take the time to keep in touch with all of us when I'm sure you have so very much on your mind....!!

I hope you've been able to enjoy your new (to you) home a little since you moved in....!!!!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)

Kirsty @ Nabru Sofas

I might have to join the thrifting chain! lol. You've managed to grab and negotiate some great material. I'm moving very soon and I moving all my furniture may be problematic; so I might just leave it behind.


sounds like you had a cracker of a weekend , the chairs are really awesome , I have a lot of second hand stuff as well .. some of my best pieces are secondhand - well done

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