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June 11, 2012



I love our job! I keep coming back to thrifting because it keeps me creatively fulfilled to seek, document, stage, and sell the relics from our past. I love all the cups and invites you find, I've got a fetish from them and can't resist scooping them up.

Janell (Nell's Vintage House)

That necklace is a work of art. Great find!


I think those cups are Fire-King Kimberly pattern cups actually... love the color, fun score!

Selena Cate

Thanks Mitzi! I changed it and gave you credit.
xoxo Selena

Beatriz at Mid Mod Mom

There is a bit of nostalgia for my childhood that motivates me to do what I do. I agree with you in feeling connected to the past by our finds. Great post.

Heather@Tatter and Fray

I absolutely agree with thrifting vintage, I feel a little bit like an amateur historian. There's something so soulful about older things.


Thanks for hosting. I hope your life is somewhat back to normal after your move. I completely agree. Buying something new gives me little pleasure but buying used, vintage or antique makes me treasure. Great post!


I've noticed that the bulk of vintage cards I find are invites. Those are the first slumber party invitations I've seen. How fun :)


I have the same vintage addition as you and I don't know why! Thanks for letting us show off our treasures at your party!

Jem @ Beautiful Clutter

Ah the tile!! It is so lovely!


the unknown picture reminds me of the artwork in the children's book "The Troll Music" by Anita Lobel (author & illustrator).


I'm with you. I'd much rather own vintage! I love that tiki glass you found and the colors on that necklace are fantastic!

Vintage Scapes

You express our sentiments about vintage much better than I ever could! Even though I wasn't around in the fifties and sixties or even seventies, I yearn for those days where the pace of life was a bit slower and technology was not the be all end all of daily life.

mini matriarchin

The necklace you found is great. It could totally make a summer-outfit.
I'm linking up with you. Greetings from Germany!

Joy P

So happy you are having Thrift Share Monday again (and last week too). I really missed you while your internet was down. Thanks for hosting this week - my fav of your thrifted shares is the tile with the mother and children.

Cap Creations

you always manage to find such great vintage items! good eye! thank you for hosting.


I love the Sea World Tiki mugs! I have a "now" not so secret desire to decorate at least one room in my house in a tropical style. Seems like all the stores lately, like Crate & Barrel, CB2, Pottery Barn, West Elm and Z Gallerie all have a Beach/Tiki/Tropical style that is in for summer.

Amy Schleicher

Thanks for hosting. I too have major love of the nostalgia of old things. I started thrifting for the deals. I can remember buying my homecoming dresses at thrift. Here I am 20+ years later...still thrifting. Someone at work was talking about buying new bedroom furniture. I have never bought "new" furniture. While I like's just not me. The only new furniture in my house are wooden pieces handmade by my stepdad, everything else is thrift, curbside treasures, or family pieces.

Heidi German

I love that glass tiki mug and the glass necklace is just stunning! If you find out any more about it, please let us know!

PS--glad you're back for TSM and can't wait to hear more about your new house!


Beautiful story, I love how that man honors his mother by doing this. I know what you mean about feeling this way about vintage/used items. I always make sure to ask a seller where it came from or what the story is behind an item (when its something unusual, a pair of Crocs for my youngest have nothing to tell I'm afraid). When I hear a story, it makes the item even more special to me.


jeu de voiture

So nice! Thanks!

Lisa Jackson

I loved your post - it totally spoke to me. I am a fairly new convert to thrifting. I had always wanted *new* stuff and had zero interest in anything old. But then I fell in love with an antique Victorian mantel (I found on Craigslist and bought it for a song!) Since then, I have been fascinated with antique and vintage things. I can't imagine not thrifting :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Oh, and those Fire King mugs and Tiki cup are AWESOME :)


I love the slumber party invites! Adorable! I've been coming across good mugs and cups lately, might have a chance to blog about it tomorrow!


What a cool necklace. I would love to wear that. :)

jeu de casino gratuit

Verry beautifull, i like it!

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