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July 16, 2012



Your post reminds me that as a child I loved a book about a bag of magic buttons. I can't remember the name, and I've googled it with no success. I'd love to know the title if this sounds at all familiar!


Finding something I remember from my childhood is always a treat. Finding a specific thing that I've been searching for is magic. Congrats on finding the magic.

Selena Cate

Could it be this book? P.C. Bloggins Magic Buttons by Irene Dancyger; illus. Leslie Butler. nd [1946], 32pp obl.
If you have any more memories of the book at all please send them to me and Ill try to find it for you. :-)
xoxo Selena


What a brilliant find in the hanging egg chair and a good price.
Brightly coloured plate - adds some colour to the day.


Sadly, I don't think so. This one would have been more contemporary - maybe late 70s/early 80s and don't laugh but there might have been a leprechaun of sorts lurking about! Thank you for checking!

Janell (Nell's Vintage House)

I love that chair! I have a few impulse items I've purchased for that exact nostalgia reason- they really pull at the heart strings.

And love the plates, I've found a few Vera plates. They always sell very well and very quickly. Good luck with yours :)


Love the Vera plates!!

pdx picker

A few months ago I sold a very similar egg chair to a shop. They resold it for about $2000.


That's an amazing deal for an awesome chair! Sometimes you just have to keep something even when you know how much its worth.

Joy P

My sister had an egg chair and it moved from each home she had to the next. Thanks for adding a memory for me too. And thank you for hosting - I love Thrift Share Monday. I made vignettes with my garage sale finds this weekend. Then I wrote everything up and took it over to my booth and made fresh vignettes there too.

Denise M

Thank you for hosting. I love Thrift Share Monday too. We had a bit of rain on Sunday and the garden perked up at bit. Back to sunshine today.


That chair is fantastic! And the plates give me something else to look for when I'm thrifting. You always have a little something new-to-me that I can put on my list.

I didn't buy much this weekend but it was still a success. I'm pregnant with my first (due in 7 weeks, yikes) and have been thrift-searching for almost everything besides items I've read aren't good to buy used (car seat, crib, mattress).

I hit two giant consignment sales and the prices told me I've done a good job at my local thrift stores, ebay, and scouring the internet for deals. I only found a few small items at better prices than I've found on my own which makes me feel good about how I've done so far.

Thrifting for a baby that isn't here yet has been a challenge, especially since it's my first time around. I've been trying to just get essentials - and as I told my husband: Yes, the tiny pair of leather moccasins are essential. I'm sure we will get days and days of wear out of them :)


Love the egg chair. We were at a festival recently and someone was demonstrating the canvas hanging chairs. I told my husband one would be nice to have, but I'd rather have one of the egg chairs Id sat in while on vacation at the beach as a child. Amazingly, when we returned home that evening a neighbor in our culdesac was moving and had sat tons of things at the cub- jogging strolled, lawn mower, some fans and an EGG SWING CHAIR. We could hardly believe our eyes, I hadn't seen one since that summer at the beach, 15 years ago and the very day I mention it to my husband there is one on the curb for free when we get home. I love the little surprises life gives us :)

Rob Hunt

Thanks for hosting Thrift Share Monday. I am glad I could join in this week.

Gina @ VintageJunkinMyTrunk

I like to take comfort in the belief that the spirit of our loved ones who have passed are still with us, and I would definitely take the finding of a chair that you've searched for so long as a sign from your mom that she is with you every step of the way!

Extremely hot weather and vacation season have curtained the yard sales in our part of the thrifting world so I am also living vicariously. Take care.

Thrift Shopper for Peace

great chair = and great story too. i totally resonate with the nostalgia of certain things.
and it is no surprise that it's taking you some time to get back into the swing of things. you'll probably have ups and downs for quite a while as you learn to live without your mom. thinking of you!

Cap Creations

How great for you to finally have the chair for yourself! That's pretty great!

Thanks much for hosting!


I love the chair, and I am happy for you that you found it. I know you can use some cheer right now. I think you are right to keep the chair. Who knows when you will find another, right?

the thrifty challenge

wow what an incredible chair. That is one amazing find!

Judy D.

The chair is interesting and the Vera plate is fabulous!


Oh my word, that chair! I would've silently shrieked too.

So happy to find you, we link up thrift hauls on Monday too! xo


(I think my first comment got eaten!)

Love love love that chair. Amazing!

So happy to have found you, we link up thrift hauls on Monday's too! xo

Amber Hamilton Henson

Thanks for letting me link your party! I'm new to linking! Actually, I'm still pretty new to blogging in general, but I think my post is relevant... This weekend, I bought a chair with a broken seat and "re-upholstered" it with belts. A tutorial is included in my post. I hope you'll stop by and let me know what you think! :D ~Amber ""


Thanks for hosting! I haven't had anything to share in a while! It's good to be back! I love your egg chair! Such a cool find!


Great egg chair - and such a good price. Love it when patience pays off like that! Those Vera plates are too fun. I've never seen any before.

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