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July 30, 2012



It pays to be first in line. Whatever it takes to get the job done!


Those are AMAZING! I love reeading about your finds! Quick question - where do you find listings for estate sales in your area? I never seem to be in the loop!

Wendy@ Salt and Wine

I would have camped out over night to be first in line if it meant bringing home that cabinet, lol... Completely gorgeous!!! Enjoy it! :)


I love that cabinet - it'll be interesting to see what you do with it!


Gosh I sure hope you had coffee while waiting! That is so early for me, I would have had an easier time not going to bed at all, lol. I really like the cabinet, is it wood or metal? Great finds, I remember seeing a picture on Apartment Therapy of a collection of globes on top of a big closet and it looked so cool.


Selena Cate

I first look in the newspaper, then on Craigslist. Most Estate Sale companies though have sign up sheets to receive emails about upcoming sales.

Heather @ Tatter and Fray

Nice finds! I love the Culver...and I would have made a dash for that cabinet, too. :)

Vintage Scapes

Lovely items this week! That cabinet is fabulous. I'm so glad you got it.


I would have ran for the cabinet too! I love the globe too!

Thanks for hosting us, Selena!

Atomic Moxie

Love the cabinet...worth getting up that early. So wish I had room for globes in my place I love them.

mini matriarchin

This is really early! I'm linking up. The cabinet is great.

Denise M

Love the stuff you find. Thank you for continuing to host your party. Very much appreciated.

Shabby Vintage Junk

O.M.G Selena....That cabinet is divine....Do you have any idea as to it's age & what is was originally used for & are you going to sell it....? If I was in the US I would buy it from you in a heartbeat....!!!!!

Have a a GREAT week....!!!

Tamarah :o)

Make do mum

Those drawers are fabulous, but 4.45am?! That's dedication!
I'm linking up for the first time, I found you via A Living Space.

Helen and Her Daughters

Oh my, I love that cabinet!


Wow! You really ARE an early bird! Tres serious! Love the cabinet. Ever get down to Treasure Island? I gotta get up to Sebastapol.Thanks for letting me share. See ya! Beth

Sir Thrift-A-Lot

Oh that cabinet is absolutely fabulous.

At estate sales, do they hand you stickers with your number on it or something? I have heard people talk about putting their sold stickers on stuff. Competition at most estate sales seems fierce.. wouldn't people try to pull a scam & pull them off?


that cabinet is amazing! are you going to resell it or keep it?


I love the tile. It is so striking!

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