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October 22, 2012



Congrats on your open house success! I've never attempted to sell locally, either, so I'm watching your "adventure" with great interest. :)

Mid Mod Mom

I'm happy for you that you are having great success selling locally. I tried my local antiques market and I was very disappointed. I hope your honeymoon lasts for a long time.


Glad your doing well in your new space. I LOVE that charming bit of pumpkin art you've shared here! :)


Congrats on your open house! Thanks for hosting and have a great week! Hugs, Penny


Hi Selina; you had great thrifting this past weekend. Thanks for hosting. I know there is the honeymoon period when you open a new booth but after 17 years of running booths in the same area I find that making the spaces look fresh (at least weekly) goes a long way toward sales. Clean, fresh looking, easy to navigate, reach, touch.

Selena Cate

Thanks for the advice Joy. Thankfully I live relatively close and visit it nearly every day making small changes.


I love the picture!
Aqeela xx

Mad Maine Vintage

I don't think it is just a honeymoon phase - you have a Master's eye in anything mid modern. Does having a booth mean you are selling less online? $800 in a day is amazing. I love reading about your booth adventures in addition to all the other topics you cover.

Selena Cate

Yes it does mean less time online. In fact Im really juggling way too much. Naively I sort of expected to fill the space and then add a few items here or there. I had no idea that so many things would sell so quickly. Furniture tends to yield the highest profit (depending on paid price) and can quickly sell. I didnt expect this so I am spending a lot of time in search of furniture. My online sales have declined but with that said, it is far easier filling a space at the Antique Society then listing items online. What Im trying to do at the moment is go through my back log of inventory. Some of it is 4-5 years old. Since the future always seems more optimistic, Im hoping that once I clear through everything, the balance of listing/selling on my various venues will get easier. Already, the organization that Ive created is helping me do this. Right now though Im facing the pressure of too much stuff in my small house as well as Christmas fast approaching which is eBay/Amazon best months of the year. If I can find a spare moment, Ill write more about this in detail in a blog post.
xoxo Selena

Forex Brokers

This is such a great post> Im glad that 'I found pthis. Looking forward to more great post.


Your post, Thrift Share Monday, is really well written and insightful. Glad I found your website, warm regards!

commodity tips

I actually added your blog to my favorites and will look forward for more updates. Great Job, Keep it up.

shamballa d'oreilles

Kiitos, että luotettava yritys antaa selitys. Tunnen hyvin vahva noin se ja haluavat saada tietoa enemmän. Jos se on OK, kun saavuttaa ylimääräistä intensiivinen viisautta, voisitko ajatuksia lisäämällä ylimääräisiä viestiä hyvin samanlainen kuin tämä yksi enemmän tietoa? Se voisi olla erittäin hyödyllistä ja hyödyllinen minulle ja kollegoilleni.


Hi Selina; hope things are going well for you. Miss reading your observations and conclusions on thrifting and reselling, always very insightful. Just want you to know you are in many bloggers thoughts.

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