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November 26, 2012



Good to see you back here, and even better to hear things are going well for you!


Welcome Back. Looking forward to your posts on selling locally. You are always so helpful with your observations, facts and suggestions. Really missed you this month and I am so glad you had time to post today. Thanks for hosting. Congratulations on your great sales Friday and Saturday.


So glad to see you back - we missed you. I am very happy to see it is for good reasons though - I am sure you can use the extra money!


Good to see you again and join in. Thank you for hosting. Great idea for selling German Glitter. Tidy and convenient and special.

Into Vintage

Looking forward to reading about your experiences selling at a local venue. I too added selling in an antique mall (and a couple of vintage events) to my re-selling mix this year and it's made a tremendous difference in sales although not quite the results you had this weekend -- what did you sell? As always, thanks for being so candid here.

Mad Maine

So glad to see you back - and very excited for your local success! Those are amazing sales numbers! I have a booth too, but nothing compared with yours, of course. Would love to read more about your antique booth adventures and all you have learned when you catch your breath after the very busy Christmas season :-) Hugs from Maine


Well...Of course you've been busier that a one-armed ALWAYS are that busy! LOL I love, love, love how you've used the tubes to package glitter! And it's sooo good to hear that abundance is flowing to you in generous amounts! Sounds like your Open House at Mod Sonoma was a great success! Congratulations all 'round! (Wonderful to read a Thrift Share Monday Post, again!)


Thanks for hosting when you have so much on your job plate. Appreciate it.


Awesome that your sales are so successful :) Thanks for hosting a party for us!!!!


Oh, very cool! My husband and I are going to be in the area for a couple of days in December, and I am so excited about coming to the Antique Society again. I'm really looking forward to seeing your space again, especially for the holidays.


WOOT!! Way to go Selena! I am soooo very happy for you--I love the way you are making it all happen for you. Love you <3



I was already contemplating emailing to hear what was going on, but I'm glad you're "just" busy. I'm so happy for you the selling is going so well!! Keep in touch, and I'm sure your friend will do great here too.



So glad to see this new post. Welcome back! I Enjoy reading your blog sooooo much. Marie


So glad you are back! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us!

John Mordue

Wonderful to read of the "adventures" of my lovely daughter-in-law. I get excited by the idea of buying and selling to make a profit which probably comes from being taken as a child to local salerooms Look forward to more bulletins John

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