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December 10, 2012



I have the exact sharpener in my shop! Mine is chartruse and I've priced it a little high because if I never part with it I'll be ok with that! I also sold the little plate with the viking and turkey - so cute!

Beatriz from Mid Mod Mom

Busy, busy, busy... and so grateful for it. Love the plates and I would keep them if I were you :) thank you for hosting.

Thrift Shopper for Peace

i so love those plates! oh my gosh - the turkey between the horns and the cannon flower pot? so cool. My son also loved it when he discovered the value of re-selling. sounds like Kieran is becoming quite the thrift-minded, reselling person!


Great finds this week for you. I put together my 'mantel' with mostly thrifted finds, one craft find. Thank you for making the time and using some of your very busy time to host this week, very, very much appreciated. I am learning a lot about mid-century collectibles from your finds.


Love those plates. You finds great stuff. Thanks for hosting.


Definitely SELL the plates! Keep that manifesting energy MOVIN' !! Congratulations to Keiran for his fluid, easygoing personality - always a silver lining with a great thrifted item = more thrifting! yay! Happy to hear your Dad is with you all for the Holidays! *Christmas hugs*


I want that sharpener!!!

Robin ;-)

Super behind this year! My husband took two weeks vacation after Thanksgiving and we were cruising one of the two weeks - which was great but now, I am playing catch up. Don't even have the tree completely decorated or many other decorations out. It doesn't seem like Christmas this year but I guess it will come whether we are ready or not! Love the PBN - I definitely would have nabbed it. Happy Holidays to you and your family, Selena!


Difinitely sell! You can always enjoy new and different if you keep things moving!

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