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December 03, 2012



Gorgeous piece! I think there are many of us who secretly share your "wish I had a store" dream. :)


I am so happy you had time to have your party today. Thank you so much, I know how every second of your day is filled (from your posts).


Happy Day, good find indeed. Saw your FB page with that piece. Thanks for hosting, a pleasure to join in. What an amazing remembering of such a happy dream. Thrifted snowman and Santa as well as thrifted frames.


I have been to places like you describe in your dream.
There is no reason you can't work toward it. I think it would be more enjoyable with partners. A thrifty community under one roof.


Thanks for hosting - I added the wheels I am turning into a Christmas Decoration - working on it now and hope to have it ready for next week so I can link up the finished version. Great Danish Furniture finds.

Beatriz from Mid Mod Mom

What a lovely dream you had, I hope it comes true for you one day. I had plans for a space with a coffee shop, art classes and a store, it was meant to happen with my best friend who lives to far now. Maybe one day...


I don't have a blog - yet - maybe in 2013. I did find my own mid-century buffet/credenza this past weekend, in San Antonio. It's not a Scandinavian-style piece like yours - more of an I Dream of Jeannie vibe. Lots of storage and in great condition - am considering whether to keep it or try flipping it on Craigslist. Decisions, decisions.

I am gradually working my way through your entire blog as I build my reselling business. Your posts and tutorials are so helpful! I hope your holiday selling season is fantastic!


That is a beautiful credenza! I'd be really tempted to keep it...

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