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December 05, 2012


Make do mum

We used to have that on our tree when I was little, I think it's called lameta & very pretty so don't blame you for keeping it!


I've been putting the same heavy tinsel on our tree since we bought some when we were stationed in Germany over 30 years ago.

My husband had a trip back there about 10 years ago and he found some more he brought home but I haven't used too much of it.

I put it on and take it off one strand at a time but that's the way I've always done it!

Enjoy your special find!


That is one ball o tinsel, girl! (My Mom would say; "A rat's nest" of tinsel!) Happy tinsel hanging...I can almost feel the weight of the strands in my hand, remembering the "one strand at a time" rule in our house! *sigh*


I remember balling a strand up occasionally and then flicking it into the living room. I am amazed my mother didn't yell and question who the culprit was since she was an immaculate 50's housewife and my little missiles were NOT part of the decor.

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