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January 14, 2013


Mad Maine Vintage

So happy to see you back! And I love those cabinet pulls. Happy New Vintage Year!


That hardware is fantastic -- almost looks like a copper tone in the photos (?). Great find!


Hi Selina, good to see you. Glad you are hosting this week. You've taught me so much about Mid Century Modern. Love seeing new old knobs and handles. Happy 2013 New Year.


Thanks for the party! Hope all is well!


I have to laugh at your great find, and yes, it is great.
Those are the type of knobs or pulls that people would take OFF to make things look more modern. Now you are appreciating them for their vintage look.


Not too often do I run across new old stock.

Good find. My favorite finds are hardware, light fixtures and building supplies.


I found a few BOAC bags (British Overseas Airline Company) in the goodwill pound store recently. They sold like gangbusters! I wish I could find some more! I always love to find school supplies!


Can we see inside your house soon? :)


NOS cabinet hardware does well online as I'm sure you know, especially MCM. I have also sold some lots of vintage lamp parts and door knobs lately which did pretty well.


I would love to stumble across some vintage hardware!!! I've been looking for a while now. Very nice find!

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