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February 26, 2013




I have an old ice cube tray - I'm getting it out for washi tape!! Great idea!

Lara Wainscott

Congrats Selena. What an exciting new venture for you! Makes me want to buy some pie tins...and tape :-)
Cheers ~ Lara


Done. Lovely, as usual. Congrats!!!


Awesome! Congrats! Great article too. :)

Margaret @ Live Like No One Else


I don't understand why you're writing for P&G websites. Their products are terrible for the environment, and their CFO is on the board of directors for Monsanto. I always took you for an environmentally conscious person. I just don't get it.

Selena Cate

Donna, I do understand what you are saying. It took me quite awhile to come to a decision to write for them. But it also is my first opportunity to be paid to do what I love which is write. Not only that but I get to write about crafting and organizing. And if people come to my blog from their site they will know that I am eco-conscious and maybe Ill have an influence on them. The other way that I look at it is that with this money Im able to write more on ATG (which for nearly 7 years has been pretty much unpaid), buy more organic food, spend money on Waldorf education and really focus on where my dollar is going. Its not a perfect solution but its what I came to. At the end of the day, Im focusing on my writing which is about upcycling and recycling which I think is a great message to spread to the world. Thanks for listening.


Ruth @ Living Well Spending Less

Congratulations Selena! I just started writing for P&GE and HMS as well, and I understand exactly what you are saying about it being dream come true--I feel the same way! Nice to virtually meet you!

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