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February 25, 2013


Thrift Shopper for Peace

glad to see you're back! that bee stuff is fascinating. we get fresh honey from a bee keeper here in Abbotsford and there's simply nothing like it. honey is so good for you. i've often thought about becoming a bee keeper. can't wait to see photos of your expanded mall space!


Missed you. Your home will be SO happy to have everything move into more space at Mod Sonoma. I post my thrifted finds once a month so today is January finds. My February post will be posted on the 28th. I've been visiting your Mod Sonoma blog too, hope you have time to take pictures and post as your get the additional space up and running. Congratulations on your expansion.


Your bee boxes are one of the most interesting finds I've seen in a while! Very cool. Congrats on the Mod Sonoma expansion!


Thanks for hosting, great to see you back. You've got a big job ahead, looking forward to seeing the progress/result. Great to have more space (and empty out your living room).


Love the bee boxes. :) Congrats on your expansion to an additional booth! Glad to hear it is going so well for you.


I'm amazed imagining how one ships a live bee in the mail!! It takes an awesome thrifter to FIND such wonderous items!

And awesome extends to your news of the expansion of Mod Sonoma to (lucky you) an adjacent retail space! The Thrifting Gods are manifesting BIG TIME! Congratulations! I hope to be in the Mod Sonoma area in the Spring and I'm stopping by the newly expanded space to an "in person" look/see!


That's exciting news! I am now really looking forward to my next trip down to your part of the world. :D

Shara Mortimer

I have never heard of bee shipper boxes ~ leave it to you to find some (:

Congratulations on the Mod Sonoma expansion ~ excited to hear more. Thanks for hosting!


Those boxes are neat, great find! Glad to hear your are expanding, good luck! I can't wait to see pictures of your new space.

Wendy @ Ramblings from the Sunshine State

Thanks for hosting!


Thanks for hosting, glad you are back hosting. You sure have been busy (and you still are obviously). Nice buys. Congratulations on a larger booth area for your furniture.

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