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March 04, 2013



The assigning numbers system is awesome. Nobody does that in the DFW area. You get in line and stay in line, but luckily it's way less aggressive here. If you're in line 2 hours before start you're going to be first in line!


I love those drawers ~ I rarely see anything like that here, great find! Thanks for hosting (:

Linda H

In my town, we all pretty much get to most garage/estate sales 30-60 min early and that seems to be early enough. If it's a professionally run estate sale, they give numbers out and you come back at opening time. We're in the central valley so I'm sure it's much different compared to the bay area.
Btw, I like your idea of bringing along "sold" stickers!

Thrift Shopper for Peace

This whole estate sale thing is like the hole in the market where i am. We just don't have this the way you do - but i think if i was looking for something specific, i'd totally get up early to get the best chance at nabbing that thing! the closest we get to here are garage sales (i think folks in the states refer to them as yard sales or tag sales, right?) and people do get up early to go to those, in fact people holding the sales often include "no early birds" in their advertising to keep people from getting them out of bed at 6 am!


Thanks for hosting, love joining in. I mostly thrift at flea markets and thrift store.

Gina @ VintageJunkinMyTrunk

I love to hear your estate sale stories--so much fun! Estate sales work pretty much the same here on the East Coast too, although I've never gotten there quite that early!

I'm not sure if the "sold" sticker is used here like that by buyers though; most times you have to approach one of the workers and let them know you want it and then they mark it sold. Does the sticker have your name on it, or does it just say SOLD?


I really like to read your post, makes me feel normal to get up early to go thrifting. In Germany estaste sales are not that common.
Thanks for hosting.


I think the earliest I've gotten to an estate sale is an hour early. Sales are half and half here, by means of giving out numbers, and wait wise. Last week I got to a sale 20 minutes 'til and was 5th in line. (OMG I so know what you mean about alarm clocks, constantly waking up to see if I missed the alarm....such an awful feeing).


I just found your blog and I so enjoy it! Thanks for hosting this great party!!


I so admire your dedication...I could never get up that early, even for a promising estate sale. And definitely NEVER without an alarm clock! :)


Question about your "sold sticker." This is a genius idea, but do the other buyers honor that sticker? Couldn't someone just run to the check out and buy the item even though you have the sold sticker on?

Do you put the sticker on and then go pay for the item so for sure it's yours?

Also are the estate sale people okay with you putting stickers on their items? Or once you put the sticker on it's yours to do what you want?

Just that sold sticker is such a great idea, but can't imagine how it works out for you. Thanks ahead of time for answering!

Make do mum

We don't have Estate Sales here in the UK (as far as I know) but they sound like a great way to get bigger pieces. Not sure I could do a 4am wake up though!


I'm piping in a bit late with some thrifty finds -- it's nice to be "back"!


It's a map cabinet - libraries used to have those in the pre intent days when they had stacks of paper maps.

Lunettes de soleil pas cher

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  "Which part?"
  "All of me."

Toni Randal

I love to look for thrift stores... I just found one near our school selling lovely jeweleries and of course for for a very cheap price... ^_^

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