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June 13, 2013



Screamin Mimi's!!! Yay! How long has it been since anyone had one of those wonderful cones with the two-scoop wide opening?? I love it when anyone does their passion well! (Thrifters, Mommas, kiddos,& ice cream shops ;-)

~Jennifer J.

That is one of the prettiest patio umbrella's I've ever seen. Love the colors, print and fringe - and what a great deal you got on it! Wow... I'm currently hunting for one myself and happened to see this in my Facebook feed this morning. (:

~ Jennifer

Maureen O'Danu

That is soooo gorgeous. I'm surrounded by people with testosterone poisoning, so the frilly wouldn't work at my home, but go You!


Great umbrella, I love it! I have a market umbrella and was looking to buy a replacement canvas for it and cant' find the color I want. So I bought some pretty blue floral outdoor fabric and am making my own. What a great find!!!


Ahhh, what fun!

Do you think you might give us blog readers a virtual tour of your new home? :)

Traci Anderson

Wow ice cream with espresso sauce sounds yummy.. Enjoy your summer holidays! Ours start at the end of the month :)

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