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June 17, 2013



That black tool box is amazing!


I have never encountered bookplates "in the wild"- those are glorious. I've been mad at myself for buying too much stock lately, I feel your pain on the exhaustion. It's so hard to get it all stored and moved around down, especially in the summer heat.

Beatriz from Mid Mod Mom

You still had a great weekend, so don't think about what could have been! Great finds as usual. I would like to find bookplates in the wild, I have yet to find any. Thanks for hosting.


Serious Industrial Haul ~ I hope you take pictures of it in your space~ Thanks for hosting!

Terra (Thrift Adrift)

I think it's funny you and I came up with the same phrase: #ThriftRegret

Some day, I'm going to have to post about my biggest ThriftRegret of all, the green suede shoes. They still haunt me and that was easily more than 15 years ago.

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