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June 03, 2013



I love making connections with local sellers/artist/collectors too, reslling alone you don't have "coworkers" to bounce off of, so meeting with like-minded people in your field really is good for the soul. LOVE that tray and cooler, aqua/teal is my kryptonite, too.


Hi Selena, thanks for sharing dealer relationship experiences. Also, very glad that you are hosting Thrift Share Monday, a real pleasure to join in.


Nice post on getting to know veteran dealers, Selena. I have found the same to be true. Most of them are great people with a like passion for all things vintage/antique. Thanks for sponsoring Thrift Share Mondays... love it!


i love thrifting trays! so many uses and so beautiful.


Love those birds! My Grandma has always had those on her tree and I remember always wanted to touch them but being afraid.


The dude who scolded you about the cooler--what did he expect you to do, give it to him? Why is it your fault that the sale only had one good thing and you were the one who was fast enough to get it? What a jerk he was. I highly doubt he'd have been feeling sorry if HE had been the one to grab it first!

Those bird ornaments are just beautiful!

Wanda @ Just Vintage

You sound like me. My dealer friends are precious to me, but some, who I'll still call friends, aren't really. I just prefer to stay on the friendly side. I've run into a few like the guy who was miffed at you about the cooler. (I'm ashamed to say I even was that person a time or two back when I had hormones. Not very often, though.) But you know what? Nana nana boo boo! :-) Ya done good, girl. I LOVE the Christmas birds!


Excellent items! Isn't it interesting how somedays our thrift finds all seem to go together somehow?

Nice Christmas finds. You're smart to start getting ready for that season now.

Yes, we dealers tend to run in packs which sometimes includes those who need to stop being so grumpy and to practice more of an abundance mentality.

Thanks for sponsoring Thrift Share Monday. I put a link to you in my post today. :)


Love the Christmas (: You were on trend with aqua way before everybody else ~ that cooler is nice, never seen one before. Thanks for hosting!

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