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June 10, 2013



We had a fabulous weekend too, there was a great 3 day estate sale that we visited twice and we went to the estate sale of a man that was featured on American Pickers. Love all the Chemistry Bottles!


OMG those Pyrex chemistry pieces are AWESOME!! What an amazing find.


Great finds this week. Love seeing what you've found. Thanks again, for hosting, very much appreciated Selina.



Where to start?? Love the Chemistry Bottles I've never seen so many in my life! The stand on the globe is cool. Summer is the slow season here (110 + degrees hard to get motivated to thrift) but I'm still trying! Thanks for hosting~~


Love the awesome beakers! And I have a great little globe like that too. I like how the stands are different from the normal metal disk.


That chemistry bottle set! Stunning! Dayum, lady, that inspires me to hunt more. You always find the most amazing goodies. I have to be careful though, don't have a garage to store it in and it could get out of hand easily :) The teak hutch they're in is amazing, too.

Thrift Shopper for Peace

Can't believe i missed this yesterday - i checked in early, saw it wasn't up, and then got busy myself! what a fabulous weekend you've had! that pyrex find is amazing and i LOVE the globe. what is it about globes that is so attractive? i'm still hoping to find a globe lamp one of these days.
i actually appreciate your photos today because it gives me a better appreciation for the amount of work you put into the sorting, cleaning, pricing, photographing, displaying - especially when you put in a larger haul. you're an inspiration!


Nice haul, Selena! Got to say I'm just a little bit jealous. :)

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