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August 21, 2013



Very busy busy summer for you. Glad you had time to post. Take care of you and your family first.

susan b

We've missed your posts! We know you'll be back when you have time. That week with your Dad was an important one.


Isn't it funny how different cities/regions' Goodwills can be either a great place to "turn things over"... or the "dregs of things getting released"?? I laughed when you described you Dad shaking his head at your bids! I think ALL DADS do that! (Unless they are doing the bidding, right?!) As usual, I find your posts full of personal insights that are heartfelt & wonderful to read! Thank you for sharing your process!


So good to see your post at the end of a very busy summer. I think many will agree with you about the balancing thing. Have been to tons of yard sales this summer, but finding things of interest to me is hard. Goodwill here is awful (small town/southern Oregon). Thank you for posting this and looking forward to reading more of your thoughts in the weeks and months ahead. You've been missed.


Missed you kiddo! Welcome back! I have learned so much from you.

Jeannie Marie

I've been wondering where you were! So glad you posted and it was just a break. Thrifting and blogging can consume us!


I missed reading your posts! I'm glad to see you back :) Would LOVE to see what treasures you found!


So glad to hear from you again.

Photos of your "new" home, pretty please?!
It's surely filled with thrifted lovelies...



I understand about trying to balance it all... It's hard to say the least. Hoping it gets easier for you. :)


Just stumbled across your blog. I am a new fan. I love your thrift finds. My kids are back to school too so it should free up some time for getting stuff done. Hope it helps you too!

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