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September 18, 2013



Those birds are gorgeous, I've never seen anything like them before!


I LOVE those! ( And I'm hoping this means we may be seeing more posts from you - I miss them!)

Selena Cate

Thank you for your sweet words. My key to listing more is actually trying to do it on my phone so that it is quick and easy. My time is so limited and yet I have so many posts ideas running through my head. I need to just make it happen and I appreciate the encouragement. :-)


Yes! It is wonderful to see & read of some of your incredible Thrifing finds! You & the Universe do manifest the best treasures - and they add a lovely, light perspective to my day! I appreciate your time management skills including a public share! Thanks, Selena! (Even with all my Dad's trips to Japan,(and presents that came home),I've not ever seen these birds!)


Those are really beautiful and unique. I've never seen anything quite like them.


I had a box of those way back in the 80s. I loved how plush they were and how they were all so detailed. I got my box from the Silvestri outlet store in Chicago. I uses to bring them to school for show and tell.


We found a little box of those a few years ago at a garage sale in New Zealand.

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