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April 02, 2014



We love you, Selena!! Glad you are back via different forum. We've missed you!!!! Hang in there!!!!

Linda H

Selena, I've followed you for about 2 years
(as a local Californian & die-hard thrifter);
sad that ATG is gone but very excited about
your new adventure!!


Thank you Selina for all the love and time you put into Apron Thrift Girl. I learned from you and treasured the time you gave to share and host. Hugs.


Thank you for ATG. I've had a lot of fun following you. I'll bookmark your new page- see you there!

Lisa G.

Thank you for writing this 'good bye'. I have been wondering how you were doing, and what was up in your life. I am so glad that you have found inspiration for a new blog, congratulations! You are a dear person and your posts on ATG were amazing. Good Luck! Of course I'll add your new blog to my reader.


I've missed you posts, hope you and your lovely family are well.


I'm sorry to hear read you've been in sad place and saying good bye to ATG. It was here that we met before I moved over to this side of the water. :) Your new spot looks fantastic and I hope you have more sunny days ahead.


I will really miss Apron Thrift Girl. It's been so much fun to follow your thrifting and other adventures and to get to know you a bit through this blog. Being able to actually visit the Antique Society and see your treasures in person was brilliant, especially when I bumped into you at the store. I've learned a lot here, and found a certain amount of inspiration as well.

Here's wishing you the best with your new project and all your endeavors!

Shara Mortimer

I'm sad to hear how difficult things have been for you (understandably) but happy you are moving forward with a fresh start. I love MOD SONOMA ~ so I'm really excited about Antique Curators.

"Though no one can go back & make a new start, anyone can start from now & make a brand new ending." Carl Brand (corny, I know...but I like it)

Selena Cate

Thanks so much Shara. I love the quote and didnt find it corny at all.

Take care,

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